Monday, 21 November 2011


Does anyone out there have an inspirational person in their life?  Maybe someone that motivated you to try something different or to change or to follow your dream or maybe just someone you went ‘wow’ to.  I have such a person, and unknowingly to this person, she has inspired me to look for something more.

My person had a complete upheaval of her life.  One minute she was working away at her job in Perth, then the next she relocated all the way to Iceland.  I am still amazed at the complete turn around and dedication that it must have taken to sell up everything, leave family and friends and move to a completely foreign location.  To me, this person is such a positive role model and it really makes me believe that it’s not entirely impossible to find and follow a passion.

I think the next step will be to do some hard work to actually determine what my passion could be…..

But I would also like to know, who inspires you and why?

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