Accountability Journal (MDBP)

This journal is part of the Million Dollar Blog Project.  The purpose is to publicly state my goals for the project and describe how I will reach these goals.

I intend to report my progress at a minimum of fortnightly, however this could increase as I get up and running in the project.  The reports will take the following format:
  1. What I did since the last report;
  2. What I learned; and
  3. What I plan to do before the next report.
The entries are listed with the most recent first.

Friday 9th March, 2012

Action since last report
  • I’ve written 3 blog posts
  • Now following more than 100 people on Twitter
  • Started adding more design elements to blog template
What I learned
  • How to use Mail Chimp to schedule email notifications to subscribers
  • Installing widgets to customise blog template
  • Write 3 more blog post ready for launch
  • Connect with 100 more people on Twitter
  • Set a Social Media editorial calendar to help schedule updates

Sunday 19th February, 2012

Action since last report
  • I have set up Facebook and Twitter accounts and begun connecting with other educational people
  • Written the ‘About’ page for the blog
  • Decided on a theme template for the blog
  • Made a basic Top Notch Teaching banner
What I learned
  • How to make a landing welcome page for Facebook
  • How to set up a page in Facebook
  • How to use the features of Paint Shop Pro to make a banner
  • Purchase the theme template and begin designing
  • Write 3 blog posts ready for the launch
  • Connect with 100 other people to follow on Facebook and Twitter
  • Write 6 updates (Twitter & Facebook) per day

Sunday 5th February, 2012

Action since last report
  • I have named my new blog, bought the domain name and set up a web host.
  • Registered for the MDBP
What I learned
  • That it takes time to work on a new project and that it’s hard to find the time
  • How to buy a domain name and web host and then set up WordPress
  • Confirm my tagline and design a logo
  • Sign up with supporting social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest
  • Begin designing the blog, find a theme and customise it to suit my needs
Monday 23rd January, 2012

Action since last report
  • I’ve posted a blog post about possible topic choices.  I narrowed this down to two; education and organisation.  Have now settled on the topic of ‘education’. 
  • I left a comment on ‘Think Traffic’ expressing my interest in joining the project.
  • I’ve compiled a list of possible names for my new blog.
What I learned
  • That it’s hard to find a name for my blog that isn’t already taken.
  • Not to use numbers, hyphens or difficult to spell words in my domain name.
  • That my goal should be “progress, not perfection”.
  • Finalise my blog name and acquire the domain addresses.  When this is done, officially register for the MDBP.
  • Define my topic further by finalising the sub topics (no more than 8).
  • Explain my topic inthe following formats: 3 – 5 words, 1 sentence, 1 short paragraph, a few paragraphs.

Sunday 8th January, 2012

As this is my first entry in my journal I don’t have anything to report since last time J.  So I’m going to dive straight in and list some things that I would like to achieve before my next report in 2 weeks’ time.
  • Sign up for the project at Think Traffic.  Read through 5 blog entries to date on the project noting any pertinent information.
  • Start to think about a topic choice for my new blog.  Narrow this down to 2 possible choices and then critique these choices.  Look at the pros and cons of the topics and consider if I have the expertise to blog on the choice.
  • Develop a timeline for the next 3 months of when I want to achieve different aspects of the project.

Okay, I think that should be enough to get me going.

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