Wednesday, 23 November 2011

5 Resources To Help You Find Your Passion

I have been scouring the internet for some potential resources to help direct me in finding my passion.  This has been quite a task as there is so much out there, as I’m sure you’re all aware with the internet.  However, I have narrowed it down to a few that may be useful.

This website asks 7 questions to help work out what your passion is.  Some of the questions look easier to answer than others, maybe a good place to start!

This blog entry is similar to the abovementioned site.  Annabel discusses the 7 steps to help you work out what your dream could be.  I think it will be best to combine the ideas from both of these websites.

This article looks at finding your passion in a slightly different way.  The author, James Clear, believes that “passions are born out of experiences” and that this is so for work and life in general.  He goes on to mention that if you are not finding your passion in what you’re currently doing then you may need to put yourself out there and maybe try new things and create new experiences. 

This is a 4 minute video by Randy Komisar (virtual CEO and professor) discussing a “portfolio of passions”, rather than just the one passion.  He then goes on to talk about how to match these passions with the opportunities available to you.  This video makes me think that I’ve been looking at finding my passion in a way that could never be achieved.  “What’s in the foreground and how do they sync up with my passions that I have today”, definitely something to ponder further.

I quite like this article.  The author again lists some questions to answer to help discover your passion, but I also like the way that he provides a brief synopsis of his journey and how he answered the questions.  Again I will incorporate these questions in my own list of questions to answer.

Over the coming weeks and blog posts I will explore some of these resources further and begin to answer some of the questions.

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