Monday, 30 January 2012

Nearly there, refining my topic and developing a tagline

So I have been further working on defining my topic and thinking about my goals as I haven’t really been that impressed with what I have come up with so far.

My ultimate goal is to help make the life of a teacher easier, saving them time by providing quality resources, ideas and tips that will help them with their teaching.  I would like to help teachers build a richer learning environment, thus making a better classroom.  Personally, I would like the blog to challenge and inspire me.  I want to research and talk about educational issues, and connect with other educators from around the world.

My point of differentiation will be to provide practical, time saving tips and resources for teachers.  This could be related to lesson planning, classroom organisation, behaviour management and how to implement different teaching strategies.  I also have many connections with experienced/expert teachers who would also love to share their time saving tips and resources.

So with this in mind I have further thought about a name for my blog and a tagline.  What I have come up with so far is:
  • Teacher Saving - Saving teachers time (although Stephen seems to think this sounds too much like a bank!)
  • The Thinking Teacher – Thinking about a better classroom
  • The Thinking Teacher – Work smarter
  • The Thinking Teacher – Work smarter, not harder
  • The Thinking Teacher – Saving teachers time
(According to my little sis I shouldn't use 'the'.  So I have checked and Thinking Teacher is availalbe as a .net and  So that would also work).

What’s your preference?


  1. not sold about "The Teachers Circle"?

    1. Okay back to the drawing board again! 'TheTeachersCircle' and 'TeachersCircle' are already registered as .com, so not available.

  2. or "Teachers Pencil"..........have a look at name!

    1. 'TeachersPencil' is also already registered.


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