Thursday, 29 December 2011

26 Things You May Not Know About Me (but that may help me find my passion/s)

I thought it might be a good idea to share some things about me that you may not know.  There is a purpose to will provide some insight into who I am but also into the types of things in my life that I have really enjoyed, been good at or struggled with.  Hopefully by thinking about these things I will be a step closer to determining my passion.  So here goes :-))

1. I am 35 years old, but today as I'm writing this and going on 4 hours sleep (thanks to little Miss Em) I feel much older!

2. I have had many jobs in my short working life.  It goes a bit like this:
  • Checkout chick at Woolworths.  I had this job through high school and it was a pretty good way to earn some extra cash while still at school.  I was pretty good at this job...I often won the prize for the fastest scanner ;-)
  • After high school I went to TAFE and studied to be a social trainer (working with people with disabilities), but most of the work available was in group homes and I didn't really see myself working in one.
  • I got a job as a telemarketer for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This involved phoning random people to sell raffle tickets (yes one of those people!).  Again I did quite well in this; I won the prize for most tickets sold.
  • I decided I needed a new direction so my Mum and I bought a lunch bar /deli together.  I was only about 19 so this was a bit of an eye opener.  Wow, we worked so hard in those 3 years, we didn't end up making any money, in fact I think we lost money.  I hated working with food, but it was kind of cool owning my own business.  I liked the idea of being able to make all the decisions and not having anyone to answer to.
  • When I sold this I thought I could work with my Dad and train to be an auto electrician.  This didn't really work for me as I decided that I really hate getting my hands dirty.
  • Next I started applying for various types of jobs.  I ended up getting a job as a trainee manager for Dick Smith Electronics.  This was okay, but definitely wasn't really challenging enough for me.
  • That's when Mum decided that I had to go to university :-)). Somehow she managed to get me in and I trained to be a teacher.  On completion of my degree I taught in regional Western Australia for 5 years.
  • And finally I've been working at a university as a course coordinator for the past 2 years.
3. When I was a kid my sisters and I were really involved in little athletics.  The one thing that I was really good at was the 1500m walk.  I even managed to win state medals in this and represent WA in Singapore.

4. I have completed a university degree - Bachelor of Education (primary) with first class honours.  My thesis was: A study to identify and define an online learning environment in a primary school context.  I also won the dux of our graduating year.

5. I always felt that I was the ugly duckling and the dumb one out of my sisters.  I don't know where this stemmed from (although I do remember at athletics a girl ranking me as the ugliest out of my sisters) but it stuck with me for a very long time.  I really only overcame these feelings when I graduated from Uni.

6. I really love going out for meals at flashy restaurants.  I would do this at least weekly if Stevie let me and I could afford it.

7. I bought my first house with my sis Shells when I was 18 and it cost the huge sum of $49 500.

8. When we were kids I always made my sisters play various games with me.  I was really good at organising the games and somehow making them play with me.  Some of my favourites included having a bank, library, restaurant and school.  This was never half hearted; I had menus for the restaurant, money and cheque books for the bank, a borrowing system for the library and a classroom with a blackboard for the school.

9. I met my husband playing volleyball.  Later he told me that he used to park his car near mine so that we would have to walk out together and chat; he must have thought I was pretty alright.

11. I love music; I can't be at home and not have music on.  Some of the bands I'm really into at the moment include Florence and the Machine, Adele, Powderfinger and Gotye.

12. As I love music so much and like singing I always wished I could sing.  I always try to convince myself that I don't sound that bad....but I secretly know that it's not great.  Maybe this is something to add to my ‘I wish I could’ list.

13. One of my pet hates; people that won't commit to attending an event, just in case something better comes along.

14. I really like having a good debate.  I enjoy hearing other people's opinions and sharing my own.

15. I love watching trashy TV, much to Stevie's disgust.  Some of the series I'm really into at the moment include The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy and United States of Tara.

16. Having a good belly laugh is awesome.  I like people that make me laugh and don't take themselves too seriously.

17. I'm not much in to outdoor activities but Stephen is great at encouraging me to try new things.  The latest venture is kayaking.  I didn't really want to give this a go, but Stephen persisted and I actually get quite a bit of joy from it.

18. One of the things that I really enjoyed as a teacher was thinking about ways that I could engage the kids that I was teaching.  I always tried new ideas, loved writing programs and lesson plans and researching new educational innovations.

19. I don't know how I could survive without technology.  I am on the internet every day and I am still amazed at how so much information is at my fingertips.  

20. Having a pedicure or foot massage is one of the most divine things in the world.

21. I had really bad acne as a teenager.  I tried every treatment under the sun but eventually went on Roaccutane to get rid of this.  This is pretty nasty stuff, but it did the job.  I have some scarring on my face that I think is quite bad.  This has really bugged me for many years, so I've decided to do something about it.  I've started having some treatment through a cosmetic doctor; specifically laser genesis and lime light to try and help with this.  So far I've had 2 treatments and already I've noticed my skin seems clearer, and it's not as red.  

22. Since starting this blog, I've become a bit obsessed.  It's the first thing I think about in the morning as well as the thing I think about as I fall asleep.  I'm really into reading other people’s blogs and learning how it's all meant to work.

23. I've never felt that I was a good writer.  What I've realised is that if I practice I can improve this skill.

24. I would love to write a children's book but because of my fear above never felt this was achievable.

25. When I lived in Karratha I started up a maternity wear business with my sister Shells and a friend.  It was called M&M Maternity.  We didn't do great with this, mainly due to lack of time to fully commit to it.  However there was definitely a market there.  I think it also didn't help that none of us were really that interested in maternity wear.  I think to succeed at something like this you must be quite passionate about the product.

26. I really dislike mornings.  I have terrible morning moods and I don't fully wake up and function properly until morning tea time.

So what can I surmise from all of these things that might help with finding my passion?
  • I really miss thinking about new ideas, lessons and innovations that can engage kids in the classroom;
  • I like technology and researching information;
  • I have tried self-employment before but not with any great success, mainly due to a lack of interest in the service and product;
  • I enjoy writing a blog, listening to music, reading and watching trashy TV;
  • The one thing that I've actually persisted with and done really well at is my teaching degree; and
  • Mornings are not the best time of day for me to be productive.
Well let me ask you, is there anything coming through that rings my passion?


  1. I heard Andrew rob on ABC's life matters talking about morning blues. Thought you might be interested in his story. Tues 10 Jan episode available for download.

    1. I just finished listening to this interview... interesting to hear how the ‘episodes’ were only in the mornings and how he tried to combat the issue with adrenaline based activities/jobs in the morning to get him going.


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