Friday, 16 December 2011

Holidays and Reflection

For those of you who were thinking I had been a bit quiet on the blog posts.....I'm on holidays!  Stevie, Em and I are over in Queensland (Bundaberg specifically) for Christmas and a well deserved break ;-)).  

The plane trip over was not too hard with Em (except of course for the 20 minute tantrum when trying to get her to sleep).  We did also have a slight baggage issue.....where mine and Stevie's suitcases didn't turn up.  They finally arrived the next day at 11am and 4pm.  Not fun being in dirty clothes for that whole time!

Em has been having an absolute blast playing with all of her cousins over here.  I'm sure Christmas day is going to be hectic with Em and her 10 cousins going crazy!

So I've had quite a bit of time to reflect on my progress so far with finding my passion.  I'm relatively happy where I'm at, but as usual I feel I could be doing more.  I think Donna summed me up nicely in her comment where she said, "you take a great deal of pleasure in achieving new goals."

With this in mind I am setting myself a new challenge.  The challenge is still forming in my head, but it's definitely going to be BIG :-)).  Now don't panic, this isn't going to be some whim that I'll give up on in 5 minutes (I know what you're thinking Stevie ;-)).  This challenge I think will align with what I think is a passion of mine.

I'll keep you posted on my thinking as it becomes a bit clearer.  I do know that I'll be needing your input and thoughts, but I'm definitely excited about getting started on this new challenge!

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  1. Oooh I am so looking forward to hearing more about this news.

    Mel enjoy your holiday and family time this Christmas as that is also very important in the big picture.

    Take care
    xxx Vicki


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