Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My First Picture

So I’ve been spending some time trying to draw pictures in Paint.  I found a tutorial online and have used that to help draw my first picture :-).  If you want to have a go at drawing a picture in Paint, you can access the tutorials at this link. 

The picture was mainly drawn using the line tool and the oval shape.  I used the eraser quite a bit to remove parts of the picture that overlapped.  I also used the fill tool and airbrush for adding the colour and effects.

I’m actually pretty happy with my first attempt at a picture.  It wasn’t too difficult and it actually turned out much better than what I thought I could do.  I will find some more tutorials to help me draw pictures, so that it gives me a chance to learn the different features in Paint.

I think the hard thing will be to draw my own design!  Anyway check out my picture below and let me know what you think.


  1. Ha ha very expressive drawing...looks to me like someone who is looking for their passion!!!

  2. A great start! This demonstrates how brave you are - putting your attempt at art up for Vicki to see. It's like cooking a meal for Jamie Oliver (or even Mandy for that matter...)
    I believe courage is a virtue necessary in finding your passion. You obviously have what it takes!

  3. Haha, yeah I was feeling quite shy when I posted that picture. Actually Netts got me a subscription to Digital Artist Magazine for Christmas. I think I’m going to take this digital drawing a little bit more serious. I’ve decided to get Photoshop and I’m also looking at doing an online beginner’s drawing course. It’s actually a drawing course using pencils, but I thought this would be good as it will provide me with the basic principles of drawing, which I can translate digitally. Also, I thought producing some mixed media artwork would be good. This is when I make a sketch, then scan and work on enhancing it with a program such as Photoshop.


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