Monday, 13 February 2012

Photo Shoot

I decided that as I will now have an online presence through my blog etc, I needed to also have a better picture of myself.  I looked through all of my photos and couldn’t quite find what I was after.  So I arranged a bit of a photo shoot with my sis Shells over the weekend.

This was pretty good fun, and little Em also had a ball.  She loves getting her picture taken and as I posed for shots she did as well.  So below I have the best couple of pics Shells got of me that I will use and also some of Em, cause I think they’re sooo cute J.

This one is okay, but looks a bit formal!

I like this one better, looks a little less formal with the greenery! Although Stephen thinks I've got a cheesy grin :-)

Maybe not...

She loves wearing her Dad's shoes!


  1. what a beautiful little girl.........and big girl!

  2. Everything is coming along nicely and it shows! You are both gorgeous. I know that the subjects are obviously photogenic, but great work on the photos Michelle!

    Oh, and I think the one with the 'greenery' is best too, cheesy grin and all ;-P

    1. Ha ha thanks, don't know about gorgeous but I'll take the compliment and glad you like the cheesy grin!!


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